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Since January 1, 2010, Pennsylvanians have had the power to chose their electrical provider thanks to electric rate cap expiration. WITF's Your Power: Your Choice is an ongoing effort to help our viewers, listeners and readers understand the impact the changes have on their power costs and usage. From magazine articles and news stories to radio and television features, WITF has a myriad of resources that explain how  to shop for an electrical provider, what the rate caps were, why they expired and more.

Below are a set of archived articles and audio and video clips pertaining to the electricity choice.

Going green a way of life for some midstaters
WITF News, 4/22/10
Chambersburg considers another electric rate cut
WITF News, 9/27/10
PA’s Energy Independence
WITF TV, 4/13/10
Chambersburg could slash electric rates
WITF News, 6/14/10
Energy Audit
WITF TV, 4/13/10
PA Power Authority concept gets mixed reactions
WITF News, 4/19/10
Water & Electricity: Shocking Savings
WITF TV, 4/2/10
Help Is Out There
WITF TV, 4/2/10
Midstate potato farm going green with solar energy
WITF News, 3/30/10
Choosing A Provider
WITF TV, 4/9/10
Group calls for 10 percent solar by 2030
WITF News, 3/10/10
Electricity to cost less when this year's rate caps expire
WITF News, 4/19/10
Call for more state investment in hybrid vehicles
WITF News, 1/22/10
PA Power Authority concept gets mixed reactions
WITF News, 4/19/10
LIHEAP extended into April
WITF News, 1/6/10
Lebanon Valley Chamber hopes to add to its electricity buying pool
WITF News, 3/23/10
What role can coal play in our energy future?
Radio Smart Talk, 1/5/10
PUC makes revisions to help electric customers
WITF News, 3/4/10
Energy conservation effort underway in Union County community 
WITF News, 12/31/09
PPL to seek rate hike for 2011
WITF News, 3/3/10
Solar farm to be built just south of midstate county
WITF News, 12/14/09
Understand the impact changes will have on power costs
WITF TV, 12/15/09
DEP says simple steps could help save money on heating bills
WITF News, 12/7/09
Adjusting to the end of electric rate caps
WITF News, 1/6/10
Met-Ed, Penelec approved to buy electricity
WITF News, 11/16/09
Energy Consumer Bill of Rights unveiled
WITF News, 12/30/09
Solar energy project will be largest in Lancaster County
WITF News, 11/16/09
Knox calls for extension of rate caps ...
WITF News, 12/9/09
Some midstaters to get extra help heating their homes
WITF News, 11/10/09
Lawmakers hope to revive bill to ease impact when rate caps expire
WITF News, 12/7/09
PPL launches refrig/freezer recyling program
WITF News, 11/6/09
Electric Rate Caps
Radio Smart Talk, 11/16/09
Less Money for LIHEAP
WITF News, 11/2/09
Hearing set on new PPL pricing proposal
WITF News, 11/2/09
Proposed Solar Farm would power Dauphin County buildings
WITF News, 10/14/09
Rate Caps with PPL’s Dan McCarthy
Radio Smart Talk, 7/24/09
PUC approves utilities' energy efficiency plans
WITF News, 10/26/09
Electric Rate Caps Expiration
Radio Smart Talk, 4/14/09
Electric Rate Shock
Central PA Magazine, 8/09
Broadcasting live from Chambersburg: Electric Rate Caps
Radio Smart Talk, 6/30/10
PA Electricity Market to Gain Another Competitor
WITF News, 7/15/09
Schuylkill Chamber Joins Energy Buying Pool
WITF News, 5/26/09
Project to Lessen Impact of Expiration of Rate Caps Altered,
WITF News, 4/23/09
The Wind & The Willows
WITF TV, 4/9/10
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