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Since January 1, 2010, Pennsylvanians have had the power to chose their electrical provider thanks to electric rate cap expiration. witf’s Your Power: Your Choice in partnership with PPL Electric Utilities, is an ongoing effort to help viewers, listeners and readers understand the impact the changes have on their power costs and usage. Below you’ll find resources devoted to all things Electricity--from the very basics like where power come from, to tips on how to reduce electricity usage.

Between the months of December and March, many Pennsylvania’s will spend a significant amount of income heating their homes. It’s a costly time of year, but there a few things you can do to get ready for the cold weather and rising energy costs.

Join host Keira McGuire for a holistic look at how our homes use energy during the winter months. From the do’s and don’ts of insulation and air sealing with Jon Kautz, owner of Energy Smart Home Improvements, to navigating the market of high efficient heating systems with Alan Rimmer, president of AC Rimmer Inc., and the simple steps the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission recommends.

With winter right around the corner, now is the time to prepare for higher energy bills….from the thermostat to the furnace, we’ll help you control your utility costs on Your Power Choices: Winter Solutions, Tuesday November 22nd at 8pm on witf tv.

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Your Power: Your Choice related videos from WITF

PA’s Rate Cap Explained (watch video)
Lifting the Cap: Why PA? Current rates have been relatively unchanged since 1997 after Pennsylvania was one of the first states to put in price caps when it passed the Electricity Generation Customer Choice and Competition Act, but now the rate caps are coming off.

Electric Utility Choice (watch video)
The Choice Is Yours: Electric utility customers in Pennsylvania were among the very first in the United States to be able the ability to choose the company that generates their electricity. In 1996, the state legislature passed, and Governor Tom Ridge signed into law, the Electricity Generation Customer Choice and Competition Act, which gives Pennsylvanians this right.

PA Act 129 and You (watch video)
The Impact and Implementation: The PUC is actively involved in the implementation process for Act 129 of 2008. On Oct. 15, 2008, Governor Rendell signed HB 2200 into law as Act 129 of 2008, with an effective date of Nov. 14, 2008. The Act expands the Commission’s oversight responsibilities and imposes new requirements on electric distribution companies (EDCs), with the overall goal of reducing energy consumption and demand. The Act adds several new sections to, and amends several existing sections of the Public Utility Code. The Commission will implement the Act in phases. The first phase will deal with the Commission’s obligation to adopt an energy efficiency and conservation (EE&C) program by Jan. 15, 2009. Subsequent phases of the Commission’s Act 129 implementation process will address EDC and default service provider responsibilities; conservation service providers; smart meter technology; time-of-use rates; real-time pricing plans; default service procurement; market misconduct; alternative energy sources; and cost recovery.

From Smart Talk TV (2/12/09)With all the recent windstorms and cold temperatures this winter, are those drafts in your house not just chilling your bones but draining your wallets? High energy bills could become the norm as electric rate caps expire at the end of next year -- raising utility rates from 20-60%. Ouch! Lawmakers and Gov. Ed Rendell look for ways to mitigate those increases, perhaps by phasing in the price jumps. In the meantime, for tips on how a home-energy audit could save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, you definitely want to watch this week’s Smart Talk. Mike Love, president of the Energy Association of Pennsylvania (representing gas and electric companies), and Joel Morrison, president of PA Home Energy (a new non-profit program), share their personal stories of home-energy audits that pinpoint appliances and home features that waste energy and cost you money. Their advice will set you on course to conserve both power and your precious dollars.


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