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• Hosted by: Keira McGuire

HealthSmart: The Adversity Effect

Written by Keira McGuire, witf Producer and Host | Jun 5, 2017 4:11 PM

Childhood.  We think it should evoke happy memories.  Playing outside until sunset.  Camping in the backyard.  But for many, childhood was a time of fear and stress.  Instead of happiness, it was filled with experiences that have the power to completely change the course of a child's life.

In the 90s, the Centers for Disease Control and Kaiser Permanente conducted one of the largest studies on what it referred to as ACEs or Adverse Childhood Experiences.  The study examined the link between childhood adversity and poor health later in life.  The findings have been called eye-opening and groundbreaking.

On HealthSmart: The Adversity Effect we'll learn more about those findings and why many hoped the study would be more well-known by now.  Plus, we'll talk about what some are doing to prevent further childhood adversity.

Don't miss HealthSmart: The Adversity Effect June 15th at 8pm on WITF.

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