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• Hosted by: Keira McGuire

HealthSmart: Health and Happiness

Written by Keira McGuire, witf Producer and Host | Feb 22, 2017 3:43 PM

Health and happiness. We strive for them. We hope for them.
Both are important in our lives but they're separate, right? One refers to our body, the other to our mind.  Well, maybe not. What if having one made you more likely to have the other?

Doctors have pondered the link between mind and body for centuries. Until the 1800s, most believed that emotions were linked to disease.  When one was sick, they were advised to visit a spa or resort.  But gradually that theory decreased in popularity as causes of illnesses like bacteria or toxins were discovered and treatments such as antibiotics were introduced. 

More recently, researchers have been rediscovering the link between mind and body.

On HealthSmart: Health and Happiness we'll talk with doctors, mental health experts, best-selling authors and individuals to gain advice on achieving both.
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