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Beyond the Bio: Kevin Lenkner

Written by Ben Allen, General Assignment Reporter | Mar 25, 2014 4:00 AM

The arts scene in central Pennsylvania can sometimes feel scattered, with Lancaster carving one path, York another, and Harrisburg somewhere in between.


Photo by Ben Allen/witf

But one thing is clear: the arts can capture people's attention.

As part of our monthly Beyond the Bio series, I talked with Kevin Lenkner, Executive Director of York Arts. 

In our conversation, he outlined how arts is such a broad and ranging term, from visual arts to musicians, to graphic designers.

"The case we want to make is creativity is important in sports, business, math, and science, no matter what you do."

Lenkner detailed how York Arts has tried to get a foothold in the community through events for kids focused on educating visitors about art. When he was growing up, he started going to museums like the Museum of Natural History in New York City, but eventually moved on to art museums. He says it's important to start kids on that track as well. 

"Keep them being creative and artistic and in love with the arts," says Lenkner. He says kids often drag their parents to events, and those parents end up developing an appreciation as well.

With a small community like York, Lenkner acknowledges they can't necessarily draw the big names (although Wayne White is in residency at York College), but he says it also draws the artists closer, and everyone often chips in to help others out. As he says, "We're a phone call away."

To hear my interview with Lenkner, click below.

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