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Beyond the Bio: Field of Screams

Written by Ben Allen, General Assignment Reporter | Oct 29, 2013 5:00 AM

Field of Screams in Mountville, Lancaster County has been scaring kids, adults and everyone in between for 21 years. The haunt, known as one of the scariest in the country, has been featured on the Travel Channel, and attracts more than 50,000 people a year. Of course, it has a haunted hay ride, but it also has a Den of Darkness, Nightmare Asylum, and more. Behind the happy faces outside the attractions is screaming, jumping, and hollering once people step inside.

WITF's Morning Edition host Ben Allen recently sat down with Gene and Jim Schopf, brothers and co-founders of Field of Screams. The brothers started the attraction almost on a dare, never intending to build it into what it's become. For the full story, click below.

View a slideshow of scenes from around the Field of Screams below.

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  • sburton6 img 2013-10-29 08:12

    Thanks for doing this one. We are HUGE horror buffs and go to haunted houses and such a lot, but I have never been to anything like that place! I even did get the creeps (not something that happens easily!) The hayride was was did it, more specifically the slaughterhouse (I wont say too much, except good job creating an atmosphere guys!)that did it. The rest of the attractions were fun too, but it was that first stop on the hayride that got under my skin! Good job to Gene and Jim for creating something unique and amazing. I am surprised that they arent big into horror movies LOL
    A quick suggestion for Gene and Jim: on the night we went the Zombie Outbreak Response Team was there which was REALLY COOL all in itself, but we kept hoping a Zombie Outbreak might happen. Maybe that would be something cool to plan, like place plants in the lines and walking around that just suddenly freak out. Then in come zombie hoard and the ZORT to stop them! That would be scary fun! :)