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Beyond the Bio: Leg Up Farm Founder Louie Castriota

Written by, | Apr 30, 2013 10:58 AM

Photo by Craig Layne/witf

Louie Castriota

(Mount Wolf) -- Children with special needs are finding unique ways to learn and grow at a York County farm designed with them in mind.

Louie Castriota founded Leg Up Farm in Mount Wolf in 2010, based on plans he drew up in 1997.

"What I wrote on paper 15 years ago, we built, and I think what I did was I looked as far forward at the biggest vision I could take on," Castriota remembers. "Then, I stepped all the way back and I said, 'What do I need to do next?'"

As part of our Beyond the Bio series, witf's Craig Layne speaks with Castriota on one of Leg Up Farm's patios, overlooking the therapeutic horse riding barn.

Castriota explains the idea for the farm came to him during a time when he was working in a career in TV station sales and management, but the project soon developed into a much more personal calling...

Castriota says Leg Up Farm is unlike any other equestrian therapy facility: 

In the video below, Louie Castriota describes two unique features of the facility:

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