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Beyond the Bio: Albert Boscov

Written by, | Mar 26, 2013 10:53 AM
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Photo by Craig Layne/witf

Albert Boscov in his office at the Boscov's East store in Reading.

(Reading) -- Albert Boscov is the first inductee into the Pennsylvania Retail Hall of Fame.

The chain of stores bearing the Boscov's name started in Albert's father's corner store in Reading, where the now 83-year-old always had a job.

"My first job at age six was catching 10 flies," Boscov says. "The deal was if I could catch 10 flies, I could get 10 cents to go to the Strand movie theater," he remembers, thinking back on what he says were happy times in his father, Solomon Boscov's, shop.

As part of our Beyond the Bio Series, Boscov talks with witf's Craig Layne about more than half a century of retail experience that started in the Great Depression...

Albert Boscov says he wants to focus more on community development through the charity, "Our City Reading," and other efforts...

Boscov explains why his stores have a number of departments (like candy and toys) that other chains have long given up...


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