Rep. Scott Perry wins in close race against George Scott

Written by Emily Previti/PA Post | Nov 6, 2018 10:33 PM
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Scott Perry arrives at his election night event in New Cumberland. (Ed Mahon/PA Post)

12:12 a.m. 

(New Cumberland) -- Incumbent U.S. Rep. Scott Perry, 10th Congressional District, won re-election against challenger George Scott in one of Pennsylvania's most closely-watched races. 

In the first election since Pennsylvania's congressional districts were redrawn, Perry faced a greater challenge than in his three previous bids for U.S. representative.

As of 12:07 a.m., with 99 percent of votes counted, Perry held 51 percent of the district's votes. Scott had 49 percent.  


Results continue to show why this was considered a toss-up race. George Scott and Republican incumbent Scott Perry have traded off the lead by thousands of votes as precincts report.

Perry says he isn't concerned at this point.

"Look, we know the district fairly well, obviously, and we know how this is gonna come in," he said. "We we're gonna (be) behind early on. But I think, as the night goes on it's going to perform better and better for us."

But he also said his campaign doesn't want to speculate. "We're going to wait and see what the actual results are."

With 65.1 percent of precincts reporting, Scott holds a lead of 4,999 votes.


At least 300 people are at George Scott's election night event at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center in New Cumberland. Drinks are flowing, the Irish folk band Dearest Home is performing and the mood is generally optimistic. 

One poll watcher said Scott won a typically Republican precinct in Hershey with about twice the number of votes. Now that's just one precinct - but an interesting tidbit nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Republican incumbent Scott Perry is holding his campaign party just a quarter-mile away.

The crowd there is also in a good mood and didn't seem very fazed watching Governor Tom Wolf's victory speech.

Scott was in the lead earlier in the evening, but with 33.7 percent of precincts reporting, Perry has taken the lead with 6,111 more votes.


Democrat George Scott and three-term incumbent Scott Perry are holding campaign parties basically across the street from one another in New Cumberland.

Scott's supporters at the Clarion Hotel and conference center are in a good mood, and a couple of live bands are performing.

Across the street at the Boomerang Bar and Grill, Perry's supporters think today's high turnout bodes well for them.

Both campaigns are preparing for a long night.


Republican incumbent Scott Perry and Democratic challenger George Scott are in a tight race to represent Pennsylvania's recently remapped 10th Congressional District.

Turnout was higher than usual at the Londonderry Fire Company in Middletown, a politically mixed precinct in the district. Poll workers say they had more than two-thirds of registered voters in the precinct cast ballots--even more than they see in a typical presidential election.

Poll workers said they experienced the typical morning and late-afternoon activity, as well as an unusually steady stream of voters throughout the day and into the evening.

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