Anti-immigrant fliers left on cars in York County spark concern

Written by Rachel McDevitt | Nov 2, 2018 7:36 PM

This portion of the fliers shown is a photocopy of a Guns and Ammo article from 1994.

(Harrisburg) -- Fliers warning against an illegal immigrant invasion sparked some concern after they were left on peoples' cars at a congressional candidates debate in York County last week.

The hand-out is four pages long.

The first two are a photocopy of an Guns and Ammo magazine article from 1995 arguing gun control laws can ultimately lead to mass murder by the government.

The last two are a typed document advocating keeping an AR-15 rifle in the home for protection and claiming Mexicans want to take over the southwest United States.

Nicole Jackson, of Lancaster County, found the fliers on her car after leaving the debate at Eastern York High School.

She said she is of Mexican descent, and was shocked.

"This stuff just scares me a little bit," she said. "I feel like things are getting to a point where people hate and it's seen as OK. I'm nervous for people to take things to another level. I mean, we've already seen things happen in Pittsburgh, because of hate. I just don't want to see anything like that happen here."

A man who answered a phone number listed on the fliers wouldn't give his name.

There is no evidence that immigrant invaders want to steal part of the United States, as the fliers claimed.

The Lower Windsor Police Department did not respond to a message left by WITF, but told LNP they aren't investigating, because the fliers don't rise to a criminal offense.

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