Harrisburg diocese adds name to list accused of abuse

Written by Rachel McDevitt | Aug 6, 2018 3:56 PM
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Dozens of priests and others affiliated with the Diocese of Harrisburg were named in a list of alleged child sexual abuses dating back to 1947. From top left: Anthony McGinley, James Beeman, Thomas Haney, William Haviland, George Koychick and Joseph Pease. Second row: Charles Procopio, Herbert Shank, Carl Steffen, Salvatore Zangari, Thomas Kuyovisky and Raymond Dougherty. Third row: Joseph Driscoll, Joseph Hager, Francis Hudak, Thomas Lawler, Robert Maher and Daniel Mahoney. Bottom row: James Noel, Stephen Rolko, John Suknaic, Francis Taylor, Frederick Vaughn and Frederick Bradel. (Collage of photos submitted to York Daily Record)

(Harrisburg) -- The Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg has added another name to a list of those accused of child sexual abuse.

Last week, the diocese released a list of 71 names of clergy and others with allegations of abuse. The addition of Monsignor Joseph Bradley--now deceased--brings the number to 72.

In a statement, the diocese said it received more information since posting the original list online, causing it to add Bradley and update claims against others already listed.

Those updates were: a second accusation that William Haviland sexually abused a child; a third allegation Thomas Scala sexually abused a child; a second allegation against Raymond Dougherty sexually abused a child; and a clarification that the report accusing William Cawley of child sexual abuse came from a lawsuit in Montana, not Wyoming.

The list was released ahead of a grand jury's report into child sexual abuse in six Pennsylvania Roman Catholic dioceses, including Harrisburg. A redacted version of that report is expected to made public this week.

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