Charges reduced in case involving ex- York Mayor Kim Bracey's son

Written by Dylan Segelbaum/The York Daily Record | Jun 26, 2018 7:15 AM

Brandon Anderson (Photo: Submitted)

Brandon Anderson said it was lack of sleep, not opioids, that led to the attack on his mother, who was mayor of York.

(York) -- Brandon Anderson, the son of former York Mayor Kim Bracey, pleaded guilty on Monday to harassment for attacking his mother inside her campaign re-election headquarters and was fined $300.

"I had a brief altercation with my mother and I ended up putting my hands on her," said Anderson, 31, of York, who added that he hadn't slept in the days leading up to the incident because of a back injury that he suffered in a car accident.

Anderson said he couldn't really remember what happened, besides grabbing his mother. He said he wasn't under the influence of any substances.

The York County District Attorney's Office dropped the charge of simple assault. Chief Deputy Prosecutor Seth Bortner said Bracey indicated that she would not cooperate "under any circumstances." York City police, he said, did not record her statement in a way that it could be admissible in court -- including video or audio -- nor list the names and contact information for other witnesses.

"Well," Common Pleas Judge Maria Musti Cook said, "that's a really sad statement in a lot of different ways."

Bracey was not present at the hearing and could not be reached for comment.

On Sept. 30, 2017, Anderson punched his mother in the face, knocking her to the ground, police said. He then kicked her several times, police said, and tried to strike her with a wooden flagpole -- but a bystander stopped him.


Mayor Kim Bracey said the $450,000 needed to balance the city's budget does not exist. Her proposed 2016 spending plan contains a 1 percent tax cut.(Photo: York Daily Record, File)

That happened inside her campaign headquarters on South Beaver Street near West Princess Street. When police went to talk to Anderson, he told them, "She's been hiding things from me," prosecutors said.

Anderson had worked as a shift supervisor at the Wastewater Treatment Plant but has since resigned. His base salary was about $52,000 in 2017, according to city records.

Bracey released a statement at the time, which said, in part, "Like thousands of families, our family is confronting the fact that my adult son is battling an opioid addiction."

York City Police Chief Troy Bankert could also not be reached.

In an interview, Bortner said he couldn't comment on why the police "did what they did" because it would be speculation.

"It forced us to handle the case in a way in which we wouldn't have otherwise," Bortner said. "It's frustrating."

Outside the courtroom, Chris Ferro, Anderson's attorney, described his client as a "terrific young man" who's remorseful for his actions.

"We all make mistakes. He and his family have paid a heavy public price for this incident," Ferro said. "And I believe now that it's over, I hope they will all move forward in a positive, productive fashion."

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