Lancaster City hall fire, vehicle burning probed as arson

Written by The Associated Press | May 23, 2018 1:30 PM


(LANCASTER) -- Authorities say a fire that damaged the entrance of a Pennsylvania city hall and another fire that destroyed a vehicle nearby are being investigated as possible arson.

The Lancaster city fire department and police responded at about 3:45 a.m.

Wednesday to extinguish the flames.

No injuries were reported.

Mayor Danene Sorace said ``This was arson. There was nothing that was accidental about this'' and vowed a vigorous investigation.

She estimated damage at tens of thousands of dollars.

The mayor called the situation ``very upsetting'' and said ``This is not how we solve issues.''

She acknowledged that there had been a heated City Council meeting Tuesday night, but she said investigators aren't making any assumptions about the motive.

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