Black coffee shop owners suggest proactive approach

Written by The Associated Press | May 29, 2018 2:53 PM

(New York) -- Several black coffee shop owners in Philadelphia are suggesting that black customers make a habit of seeking out their businesses.

That comes as Starbucks prepares to close 8,000 U.S. stores Tuesday to hold unconscious bias training sessions for employees in response to the arrests of two black men in Philadelphia last month at one of its stores.

The group of black shop owners says their establishments often offer familiar and welcoming surroundings, and seek to strike a balance between the bottom line and providing a cultural experience.

Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse owner Ariell Johnson says she's called the police just once in the two years she's been open, and that should only happen when there's a provocation or sense of danger.

At the Philadelphia Starbucks, the two men hadn't bought anything while waiting for an associate.

Shoppe Black co-founder Shantrell P. Lewis says black customers shouldn't wait for a situation like the Starbucks arrests to patronize black businesses.

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