Worker in Pa. who refused company T-shirt can't get unemployment

Written by The Associated Press | Oct 27, 2017 11:00 AM

(Harrisburg) -- A Pennsylvania man who claimed he was fired for refusing to wear a company T-shirt isn't entitled to unemployment compensation.

A Commonwealth Court panel has ruled against Aleh Kiaturka -- saying he actually quit over the shirt issue.

Fired workers can collect unemployment, but the court says those who quit don't get compensation unless they have a "necessitous and compelling" reason for leaving the job.

Kiaturka claimed a Deaktor Development vice president made him surrender his keys and tools when he refuse to wear the shirt, which the company wanted employees to wear to promote the business.

But the court found the company's version of events more credible.

Deaktor says Kiaturka resigned -- despite being urged not to by the vice president -- because he felt the shirt violated his freedom of expression.

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