Did State Republicans' letter prompt the Cortes departure?

Written by Radio Pennsylvania | Oct 28, 2017 8:33 AM

Former Secretary of the Commonwealth Pedro Cortes

(Harrisburg) -- Speculation continues over the sudden resignation of a top official in the Wolf administration and some Republicans think they may have been the catalyst for the departure.

The House State Government Committee held a hearing this week on voter fraud issues, and at least one Republican suggested that the sudden and somewhat mysterious resignation of former Secretary of the Commonwealth Pedro Cortes a couple weeks ago was due to a letter Republicans sent him about non-citizen residents voting illegally in Pennsylvania.

State Rep Jerry Knowles had this exchange with Jonathan Marks of the Department of State.

"There are rumors and there is gossip that the departure was due because of the letter that was sent.  Can you share anything with us that would quell those rumors," Knowles asked.

"I do not know the reason for Secretary Cortes' resignation," replied Marks

Committee Chairman Daryl Metcalfe is threatening subpoenas on the issue, although he doesn't have that power.

That could come from the Appropriations committee at Metcalfe's request.

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