Speaker Ryan seeks -- and needs -- a win as he sells tax plan

Written by Marc Levy/Associated Press | Sep 28, 2017 3:09 PM
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(Aston) -- House Speaker Paul Ryan is confronting a career-defining challenge as he sets out to sell a GOP tax overhaul that Republicans are counting on to keep them in control of Congress.

Many Republicans fear that failure on taxes, coming on the heels of failure on health care, could be harshly punished by voters in next year's midterms.

With that political reality as the backdrop, Ryan traveled outside the Beltway Thursday to pitch the GOP's ambitious plan at a pipe-fitting plant in Pennsylvania. The state is home to several House districts Democrats hope to contest next year.

Ryan told workers that American companies will be able to compete better in a global economy if corporate rates are slashed from 35 percent to 20 percent, as envisioned in the GOP plan.

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(Aston) -- House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is in Pennsylvania touting a $5 trillion tax-cutting plan released by President Donald Trump and his fellow congressional Republicans as one that will be good for workers and average people.

Ryan spoke to a crowd of workers Thursday at Pennsylvania Machine Works, a pipe-fitting manufacturer in Aston about 20 miles southwest of Philadelphia. There, he answered a few questions about the plan, including one about how a corporate tax cut will benefit blue-collar workers and not just CEOs.

Ryan says lowering corporate taxes would make American corporations more competitive and able to draw more business, hire more people and raise wages. He also says CEOs are already paid well, but taxed at higher rates.

Still, the plan carries several provisions that would benefit the wealthiest Americans.

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