Palmyra motorist caught on video threatening cyclists

Written by Daniel Walmer/The Lebanon Daily News | Aug 3, 2017 8:19 AM

Three red bikes, representing three riders that were injured Saturday, July 22, were dedicated Monday evening, at the intersection of Lawn and Colebrook, South Londonderry. The cyclists were injured when they were deliberately struck by a vehicle. Police continue to search for the driver of the SUV. (Photo: Michael K. Dakota, Lebanon Daily)

(Palmyra) -- Steve Weaber recorded this video on July 25 of a motorist who became angry after passing him and two other cyclists on Cherry Street in Palmyra.

Near the beginning of the video - recorded on a camera attached to the flashing taillight of Weaber's bicycle - a minivan passes the cyclists while the driver honks his horn. The driver then parks further down the road.

"You know what, the guy that knocked the person down in Lebanon was a hero in my eye," the driver tells the cyclists near the end of the video. "And you're going to get the same thing."

Steve Weaber was cycling through Cherry Street in Palmyra on July 25 with two other cyclists when his camera - attached to the flashing taillight of his bike - recorded this video. Submitted

On July 22, a driver intentionally swerved toward a group of four cyclists on Colebrook Road in South Londonderry Township, according to police. The driver hit one of the cyclists, causing him to break his hip and elbow.

Weaber said that after the period recorded in the video, another motorist stopped to correctly inform the driver that he is required by state law to be four feet away from cyclists when passing.

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