State lawmaker: saving; not spending will help balance the budget

Written by Radio Pennsylvania | Jul 29, 2017 8:53 AM

Republican state Representative Frank Ryan of Lebanon County (Photo: File)

(Harrisburg) -- As the state legislature clamors to find money to balance a new budget once again this year, one state lawmaker wants to go in a different direction.

Instead of spending money, how about saving it? 

That's the reasoning behind a bill in the works from State Representative Frank Ryan, who wants to mandate a ten-percent reduction in spending for General Government Operations, including the executive branch and the offices of Auditor and Attorney Generals, along with both houses of the General Assembly. 

Ryan says it would go a long way in helping to bridge the state budget deficit:

"I'm extraordinarily concerned that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is on a path to financial insolvency.  My measure is designed to reduce general government operations expendatures by 10-percent,.. which will save us 280-million dollars," Ryan said.

The reuctions would take effect retroactively to July 1st of this year.  

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