Game Commission approves more help for hunters

Written by Radio Pennsylvania | Jul 1, 2017 9:57 AM

(Photo: File / The Daily News)

(Harrisburg) -- Pennsylvania hunters could be able to add three electronic tools to their arsenals as early as this fall. 

Pennsylvania has a general prohibition on electronic devices while hunting, but the Game Commission has made exceptions in the past.

The tools can't give an unfair advantage to hunters, or threaten the wildlife population.

Now the board has given preliminary approval to three more items.

Spokesman Travis Lau says one is an electronically heated lure dispenser.

"That was a case where the manufacturer, who is a local businessman who is just trying to get started, came to the Game Commission and ask us to review his device.  So that's been preliminarily approved as well, the thought being that buck lure dissipates, the particles dissipate and travel farther when they're heated," Lau said.

Other tools include electronic waterfowl decoys and a device that distributes ozone gas for scent-control purposes.

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