Lawmakers send Real ID bill to Wolf, who plans to sign it

Written by The Associated Press | May 25, 2017 5:21 AM

(Harrisburg)_ Pennsylvania lawmakers are approving a bill designed to comply with federal identification standards for people who want to fly or enter federal facilities.

The House passed the Real ID bill Wednesday by a 190 to 1 vote.

Democratic Governor Tom Wolf says he'll sign it.

The measure gives residents the option to obtain a driver's license or other ID that meet rules of a 2005 federal law enacted in response to the September 11 terror attacks.

There's also an option for a noncompliant, traditional driver's license or ID.

The bill overturns a 2012 state law that's kept the state from complying based on concerns about cost, constitutionality and government intrusiveness.

There's a June 6 deadline to become compliant for entry into federal facilities.

The airliner standards take effect next year.

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