Union reps gather is Harrisburg against "right to work" bill

Written by Radio Pennsylvania | Apr 8, 2017 9:53 AM
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(Harrisburg) -- Labor advocates came together at the state capitol this week to speak out against legislation that would make Pennsylvania a "right to work" state. 

Right to work means that employees in a union shop who don't want to be part of the union can't be charged any fee to support the operation of the union.

Supporters say the measure allows worker freedom and economic growth.

Opponents, such as the President of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Rick Bloomingdale, say right-to-work doesn't do what it claims to do.

"There's a 22-percent higher poverty rate in "right to work" states, 67-percent more workplace fatalities, wages are lower by $6,000 and 30-percent fewer of their people have health insurance," he said.

Labor advocates say the legislation will only take away worker protections and bankrupt unions. 


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