Rallies, protests planned for 'Day Without Immigrants' Monday

Written by Ben Allen, General Assignment Reporter | Apr 28, 2017 12:26 PM

Photo by Make the Road PA

A group of people are preparing for rallies and protests on Monday.

(Harrisburg) -- There may be a few more Closed signs hanging at businesses in Pennsylvania Monday.

Thousands of people across Pennsylvania are planning protests against the Trump administration's immigration policies.

Make the Road PA, the Latino activist group, says in just the Reading and Lehigh Valley, more than a hundred businesses are participating in the day-long strike.

Other events are planned in Harrisburg, York, and many college campuses.

Margarita Harvey came to the US illegally, but became an American citizen by marriage.

She's keeping her satellite installation company in York closed Monday.

She says there's a lot of fear in her community.

"We feel like they're chasing us. People are leaving their houses because maybe they have an appointment with immigration and they do not want to show up because they're afraid to be deported," says Harvey. 

Harvey says people with criminal records should be deported, but those who are contributing to society should be allowed to stay.

"They should have something that allow these people to have a green card or permit to work. Something to legalize, and that will be better for America, because more people will pay more taxes," she adds.

Others criticize that stance, arguing it would encourage more immigrants to come to the US illegally.

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