State House GOP leader outlines legislative priorities

Written by Radio Pennsylvania | Jan 29, 2017 9:30 AM

(Harrisburg) -- The second most powerful lawmaker in the state House says he'd like to see some major changes as the new legislative session continues. 

In a recent address before the Pennsylvania Press Club, House Majority Leader Dave Reed said issues like medial marijuana, public school funding and liquor reform were once seen as too difficult, but their passage represents a chance to continue to change the way government works.

"We've got a grand opportunity before us.  There are challenges, there are difficulties, there's no doubt about it.  Nobody is claiming that's it's going to be easy over the next two years.  We have the chance to do these things.  It's going to take a willingness to restructure and reinvent how government operates.  It's going to take hard work and compromise.  But if we're willing to put in the time and effort, and if folks are willing to come together, the opportunities are endless, " Reed said.

Reed says the budget continues to be a major challenge, with lawmakers and Governor Tom Wolf looking for ways to deal with a growing deficit without a broad-based tax increase.

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