Report: US parks official billed vacation costs to agency

Written by The Associated Press | Dec 22, 2016 4:45 PM
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(Philadelphia)_ Federal investigators say the Philadelphia-based director of national parks in the northeastern United States billed personal vacation costs to the agency and improperly accepted free vacation lodging from an underling.

The Interior Department's inspector general published a report Thursday saying National Park Service northeast regional director Michael Caldwell broke federal travel guidelines on at least eight trips.

The report says Caldwell admitted he did personal travel at the government's expense, taking pay and per diems on days he wasn't working and renting larger vehicles to bring guests.

The report also says Caldwell stayed for free for five days at a Cape Cod National Seashore cottage rented by the underling.

A Park Service spokesman said Caldwell is being temporarily reassigned while possible discipline is under consideration.

Caldwell didn't return a message.

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