Clean your car of snow and ice; it's the law

Written by Radio Pennsylvania | Dec 17, 2016 9:49 AM

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(Harrisburg) -- As winter takes stronger hold of the commonwealth, motorists are likely to find their cars blanketed under a thick frost each morning.  Failing to remove snow and ice from your vehicle before getting on the road could earn you a ticket or worse.

Pennsylvania code dictates that drivers must clear their windows of any obstruction before driving. The offense comes with a 25 dollar fine.

Corporal Adam Reed with the Pennsylvania State Police says if the ice on your vehicle flies off while you're driving and injures or kills another person, you're looking at a minimum of a one thousand dollar fine.

"Not only is it not worth risking injuring somebody, but nobody likes to be that driver following a vehicle where a big old pile of snow blows right into your windshield when you're following that vehicle," he said.

Reed asks that you take the time to not only scrape the ice from your windows this winter but also your car roof, to be sure flying snow won't cause an accident. 

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