Students say they've been spit on, threatened since Trump victory

Written by Ben Allen, General Assignment Reporter | Nov 10, 2016 2:40 PM

Photo by Video screenshot

In this screenshot, students are seen holding a Trump sign at York County School of Technology while they shout "White Power". Police confirm the video was taken at the school.

(York) -- Students at a midstate high school say they're getting verbally harassed and physically abused after Republican Donald Trump's victory in the presidential race.

Some minority students at the York County School of Technology say there have been problems for weeks, but conditions got unbearable after Tuesday's election result.

One video posted online shows a group of white male students walking down a school hallway while holding a Trump lawn sign.

Someone yells "white power".

"I still see these students running around the hallways just chanting white power, and calling us Mexicans, and saying how we're going to get hung like our ancestors," says Eibreha Drayden, a student at the school.

Victorria Markle is a freshman at the school who has left the building early the past two days.

She says minorities are getting called the n-word, told they're going to be sent back to Mexico, getting barked at, and shoved.

Markle says it's racial targeting.

"And they just stand there, they probably don't even know, they don't even know you, they don't know your race, they don't know anything about you, but they'll still say those things. I'm scared to walk to a certain class, and that's not how it should be," says Markle.

"It's sad that people are scared to go to school. People are scared to stay inside school, get an education, just because of what these people are saying," says Markle.

The students say the ones leading the alleged have been wearing Trump shirts, and buttons that say "build the wall".

Drayden says she tries to put her headphones on to avoid the harassment.

Other parents who spoke to WITF say they're concerned for their kids safety, and disappointed that administrators didn't immediately address the problem.

Administrators at York County School of Technology said in a statement to the York Daily Record that they're investigating.

A protest is planned tomorrow.

This story has been modified to precisely note that it's unclear from the video whether the students holding the Trump sign actually yell "White power."

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