Emergency workers urge state drivers to "steer clear" of accidents

Written by Radio Pennsylvania | Nov 19, 2016 8:17 AM

(Harrisburg) -- First responders and highway managers met in Harrisburg this week to discuss ways to prepare for roadway emergencies. 

Emergency workers especially are calling on motorists to "steer clear: of accident scenes.

Mike Cox is a former firefighter with the Lionville Fire Company. In 1998, he and nine others were hit by a tractor trailer on the Pennsylvania Turnpike while responding to a call. 

"By helping move over, helping give us room and being patient with us, that will help us do our job much more safely, let us get home and you get on your way," Cox said.

Pennsylvania has a "Steer Clear" law, which requires drivers to move over or slow down for all responders, including police, fire and ambulance as well as stopped tow trucks and maintenance vehicles. 

If a motorist violates the law, and an emergency responder is seriously hurt or killed, the driver could face a 10-thousand dollar fine.

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