State lawmaker says Keystone Exams need a fix

Written by Radio Pennsylvania | Sep 24, 2016 9:31 AM

(Harrisburg) -- The current class of high school seniors in Pennsylvania was supposed to be the first required to pass the Keystone Exams for graduation.

Lawmakers have pushed that back two years, but one lawmaker believes the Keystone Exams need further scrutiny before they can be used as a graduation requirement.

Democratic Representative Leanne Krueger-Braneky says schools across the state have had trouble implementing the Keystone Exams and it's had a negative impact on students.

The lawmaker says she has heard concerns from parents, teachers, and students about high-stakes testing.

"Just last week I was on the phone with a mom who's son graduated from a middle school last year, failed his Keystone algebra exam even though he is in honors classes and taking AP classes," she said.

Krueger-Braneky says hitting pause on the tests as a graduation requirement isn't enough.  She says the legislature needs to figure out a way to support teachers so students can learn necessary information and not be focused on one set of tests. 

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