Wolf: Pennsylvania can do more to end marijuana arrests

Written by The Associated Press | Aug 29, 2016 11:13 AM

Photo by Tom Downing/WITF

(Harrisburg) -- Governor Tom Wolf says Pennsylvania needs to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana possession in systematic fashion, and remains guarded about the kind of recreational legalization in several western states. 

Wolf tells WITF's Smart Talk some municipalities have stopped arresting people for possessing small amounts.

But he says the state should act because too many people are still going to prison for marijuana possession and that's clogging up prisons and hurting families.   

The governor is stopping short of endorsing the kind of full legalization of recreational use that's taken place in Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska. 

In April, Wolf signed legislation legalizing a medical marijuana program in the commonwealth.

The Department of Health says it'll take until early 2018 to make medical marijuana available to eligible patients.  

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