GOP tries to tie Kane conviction to Hillary Clinton's campaign

Written by Rachel McDevitt/Radio Pennsylvania | Aug 18, 2016 2:54 AM

State Attorney General Kathleen Kane, center, walks into the courtroom on the second day of her trial at the Montgomery County Courthouse Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2016 in Norristown, Pa. An ethics board accused Kane of "egregious conduct" amid criminal charges she leaked grand jury material to a newspaper to embarrass enemies and then lied about it under oath. (Dan Gleiter/ via AP, Pool)

(Lancaster) -- National Republicans are trying to use the conviction of the now-former state Attorney General Kathleen Kane to portray Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as corrupt.

But, some political analysts sa the connection likely won't stick through November.

Democrat Kathleen Kane was a volunteer coordinator for Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential bid.

Then four years later, she received a big endorsement from former President Bill Clinton in her primary race for Attorney General.

Now, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's campaign is using Kane's conviction to say "a pattern of criminal behavior...seems to follow Clinton."

But political analyst Dr. Terry Madonna says Kane's case is too personal to negatively affect any other Democrats this election.

"Because it wasn't tied to public corruption, it wasn't tied to pay-to-play, I think that negates the advantage that anybody has," he says.

Madonna adds the current Democrat vying for the AG's office Josh Shapiro has clearly distanced himself from Kane since the start of her legal woes.

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