Midstate man admits claim he escaped Auschwitz was a lie

Written by The Associated Press | Jun 24, 2016 12:12 PM

New York school teacher Andrew Reid claims that Joseph Hirt's tales of escaping from a Nazi concentration camp are untrue. Hirt, of Lancaster County, speaks to students at Cedar Crest Middle School in this photo taken in May 2015. Reid also debunks Hirt's claims that the photograph he is holding, of an emaciated concentration camp prisoner, is him.(Photo: Lebanon Daily News File)

(Adamstown) -- A 91-year-old Lancaster County man who has for years lectured to school groups and others about what he said were his experiences at Auschwitz now says he was never a prisoner at the concentration camp. 

Joseph Hirt made the admission in a letter to LNP newspaper and apologized.

He said he used poor judgment and faulty reasoning in trying to tell the story of those affected by the Nazis. 

The Adamstown man's admission comes weeks after Hirt's story of escaping from Auschwitz was questioned by history teacher Andrew Reid in Turin, New York. 

Reid attended an April presentation by Hirt in upstate New York with several students.

He concluded that many of the speaker's claims didn't add up. 

Reid says Hirt called him and apologized earlier this month.

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