House approves changes to PA adoption rules

Written by Radio Pennsylvania | Jun 26, 2016 9:12 AM

Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Evan-Amos

(Harrisburg) -- The state House of Representatives has given overwhelming approval to changes to adoption rules in Pennsylvania. 

A woman who agrees to put her baby up for adoption currently has 30 days after the birth to change her mind.

The House voted 185 to 13 to shorten that time period to two weeks. 

Representative Greg Vitali reminded his colleagues there are two sides of this issue that must be taken into consideration.   

"This is a difficult issue we are dealing with and it just should give some thought to where we fall as far as the considerations of the biological mother giving her child up and how much time she has to change her mind versus the expectations of the adoptive parents receiving it.  It's a difficult question, " Vitali said

Supporters say this bill is part of a legislative package aimed at streamlining the process for those seeking to adopt. 

Opponents raised concerns over the emotional nature of the decision for the birth mother along with the rights of the birth father.

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