Another year, another proposal for local police to use radar

Written by Brad Christman/Radio PA | May 14, 2016 6:30 AM

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(Harrisburg) -- A state Senate committee has advanced a proposal that could lead to local police departments using radar for speed enforcement.

This marks at least the third straight legislative session such a plan has been considered.

Two separate bills advanced out of the Transportation panel would allow local police departments to use radar for speed enforcement.

The proposals are expected to be amended and possibly merged into a final bill and Republican Senator Randy Vulakovich of Allegheny County says it's about time.

"This is a public safety issue. The only state who still doesn't give the police radar use," he says. "Can we not show a little more respect for our police officers and give them the tools they need?"

Vulakovich, who is a former police officer, says radar should be standard equipment, right along with a badge, a gun and the rest of the usual gear.

Democratic Senator John Wozniak of Cambria County says he's doesn't want to see radar used as a revenue generator.

"I caution my local governments, as this bill moves through and if it gets to the governor's desk, that it's not for revenue enhancement for local governments," he says. "This is for the safety for the pedestrians and for the drivers of Pennsylvania and to give the local police a little more control, so that they can sit there and do their job a little better."

Local police departments are currenlty equiped with things like vascar, which involves drawing two white lines on the pavement and timing how long it takes a car to get from one to the other.

Muncipal leaders across the state have pushed to equip their police departments with radar.

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