Prosecutors outline best ways to ID people in criminal cases

Written by The Associated Press | Apr 12, 2016 3:00 PM

(Harrisburg) -- Pennsylvania prosecutors are getting guidance about the best methods to use when working with witnesses to identify people in criminal cases.

The Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association on Tuesday released a set of ``identification integrity guidelines.'' It says that showing witnesses a set of photos at once is better than revealing the lineup photos one after the other.

The association says both approaches are acceptable, and the rules developed by its best practices committee aren't mandatory.

The guidelines also call for having someone outside the investigation run the line-up, for the agency to record all witness responses and for preserving the evidence.

It plans to work with law enforcement to train state and local officers in the recommended methods.

The best practices committee was established two years ago. It's also reviewing how body cameras should be used, how interviews should be recorded and how to handle officer-involved shootings.

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