Health care company's move could spur more Harrisburg development

Written by Ben Allen, General Assignment Reporter | Feb 5, 2016 4:09 AM
Harrisburg Pennsylvania skyline

(Harrisburg) -- A health care company recently announced it's moving into a Harrisburg office building that was undeveloped for years.

Now some are hoping the decision signals a change in how companies think of a major corridor in the city.

Geneia, which uses health care data to find solutions, says it will take more than 40,000 square feet in the Capitol View building on Harrisburg's busy Cameron Street.

For Linda Goldstein, vice president of the Capital Region Economic Development Corporation, or CREDC, it could start to bring more white-collar jobs to Cameron Street.

"It was looked upon as being an industrial corridor. The company that is moving in there is far from an industrial tenant, and so there's a new look and feel now on Cameron Street," says Goldstein.

Goldstein says with Geneia's move, more companies may consider a similar switch, and take a second look at not only the Capitol View building, but Cameron Street and the surrounding area.

Goldstein says CREDC has spent a lot of time on Cameron Street, which is a busy four-lane street with a split personality.

It's home to some industrial companies like a junkyard, but also a brewery, and now the renovated office building.

"It's a vote of confidence when you have a company like the one that's moving into Capitol View part of your community," says Goldstein.

She also says there's a lot of symbolism in Geneia's choice.

The Capitol View building wasn't finished for years, after contractors walked off the job in 2008 when they weren't being paid.

The developer - David Dodd II - is serving more than seven years in jail for misappropriation of federal funds and money laundering.

Goldstein says if Cameron Street development picks up, the city of Harrisburg could win out, with more commercial activity and additional tax revenue.

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