Legislation in Harrisburg goes after lobbyists

Written by Craig Rhodes and Radio Pennsylvania | Jan 10, 2016 9:35 AM

Republican State Senator Scott Wagner of York County. (Robert J. Gurecki -- Daily Times)

(Harrisburg) -- A group of state Senators is sponsoring legislation aimed at reforming lobbying in Pennsylvania. 

Leading the reform effort is Senator Scott Wagner, who calls the six-bill package common sense lobbyist reform. Wagner says he thinks lobbyists have too much power in Harrisburg and are hindering the legislature's ability to address important issues.

"I'm a firm believer lobbyists have their place in the legislative process, but the influence they wield continues to grow and it has to be reigned in," Wagner said.

The legislation would require lobbyists to report anything of value provided to a state official or employee, would call for an audit every two years by the Department of State, and would double the fine for violating lobbying laws in Pennsylvania. Also sponsoring bills in this package are  Senators Camera Bartolotta, John Eichelberger, Ryan Aument, and Guy Reschenthaler.  




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