Health insurer donates $100k for life-saving drug for overdoses

Written by Ben Allen, General Assignment Reporter | Dec 14, 2015 3:21 PM

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Northern York Regional Police Sergeant Jack Asper tells the story of reversing the heroin overdose for someone in a gas station bathroom in Manchester Township, York County, recently. He says it took nearly 10 minutes to bring the person back to life, but when she came back, her family was ecstatic.

(Harrisburg) -- Capital BlueCross is donating $100,000 to equip police officers with a life-saving drug.

The contribution comes less than a year after it first offered $50,000 to departments to purchase naloxone, and just as Pennsylvania's heroin death toll is expected to top last year's high.

That's despite more than 500 life-saving uses of naloxone, which reverses a heroin or other opioid overdose in a matter of minutes.

Capital BlueCross's donation will pay for 1,000 naloxone kits, which many police departments now carry.

Northern York Regional Police Sergeant Jack Asper says on a recent shift, he pulled in at a gas station in Manchester Township to fill up his car.

A group of people ran out of the station, yelling for him to save a girl who had overdosed in the bathroom.

She didn't have a pulse.

"After several minutes, I administered a second dose of Narcan and within two minutes, she was up and talking with me, which was incredible," says Asper.

"The family that was on scene there was ecstatic that they're going to have Christmas with their loved one. So, thank you so much. Thank you Capital Blue Cross."

Asper says it was at least his second save on the job this year.

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