Altoona will get a full-time mayor

Written by Eleanor Klibanoff/Keystone Crossroads | Nov 1, 2015 8:31 AM

Democrat challenger Jason Imler (left) or Republican incumbent Matt Pacifico will become Altoona's first full-time mayor in 25 years. (Images courtesy of the candidates)

(Altoona) -- Of the top 15 largest cities in the state, only Altoona had a part-time mayor. That will change on Tuesday when the city elects its first full-time mayor in a quarter century.  

Republican Matt Pacifico is the current, part-time mayor of Altoona. But if he wins re-election on Tuesday, the job will be very different from the one he holds now.

Last election, Altoona voted into Home Rule. Their new local charter allows for a full-time mayor. Wayne Hippo headed the government study commission.

"The role of this mayor is going to be setting policy, being a leader and working hard to create an environment that can provide for economic growth for the city."

Home rule is part of Altoona's plan to get out of Act 47, the state designation for a distressed city. The full-time mayor will serve as the city's advocate in Harrisburg and the business community. The charter also allows the city to raise taxes.

Pacifico is running against Democrat Jason Imler. 

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