GOP Senator Pat Toomey critical of Iran deal

Written by Tim Lambert and Radio Pennsylvania | Aug 3, 2015 6:14 AM

Photo by AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

(Washington) -- Pennsylvania's junior U.S. senator is staunchly opposed to the nuclear deal with Iran.

Republican Pat Toomey says the agreement between Iran, the United States, and the United Nations isn't good for anyone except Iran.

He says he doesn't believe Iran wants to abandon its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

"I think you can tell that by virtue of the things that they insisted on in the agreement, such as the continuing ability to enrich uranium on an industrial scale," he says.

Toomey says this is not the deal the Obama Administration set out to achieve, so he will be voting for a resolution to turn it down as soon as it reaches to the Senate floor.

"I've been to briefings. I've seen the testimony. I've evaluated this everywhere that I can," he says. "I've come to the conclusion that this agreement does not enhance America's national security. It threatens our national security."

The White says the agreement outlines tough, new requirements to keep Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

The administration is now involved in a lobbying effort on Capitol Hill to secure support for the agreement.

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  • Jim Foster img 2015-08-03 12:15

    Apparently, according to Sen. Toomey, we would have been better off insisting on a deal the Iranians would never have signed rather than agreeing to a compromise deal that puts significant restrictions on them. The nature of a successful negotiation is that each side gives up some of what it wants in return for getting some of what it needs. The alternative to the deal the Obama Administration has negotiated is NOT a perfect deal, from the U.S.'s standpoint. It is NO deal, which would leave us having to choose between Iran racing toward a nuclear bomb or starting a war to stop them. Sen. Toomey is a smart guy and he knows all of this. But, in today's Tea Party infused and Koch Brothers funded GOP, he has to say silly things like this.

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