Turkey Hill's expansion expected to bring jobs to midstate

Written by Ben Allen, General Assignment Reporter | Jul 31, 2015 2:44 PM

Photo by Andrea Nikolaus, Turkey Hill Dairy

John Cox is the President of Turkey Hill Dairy.

(Lancaster) -- One of Central Pennsylvania's signature products has spread to the southeast and midwest.

The Turkey Hill ice cream and drinks like fruit punch and lemonade have been staples for the childhoods of many in the midstate.

President John Cox says within the next five to seven years, he hopes they will be available across the country.

Some of its products are in such demand by some that Turkey Hill ships batches of ice cream to people who can't buy it in nearby stores.

He says the expansion plans include good news for the midstate too.

"We'll continue to grow here. We can supply a very large piece of that population from here. So this location will continue to grow in terms of manufacturing," says Cox.

In the midstate, Cox expects more white-collar jobs - in advertising, logistics, and sales - as the expansion continues.

"All of that supply chain and the marketing, and sales and all of the leadership for what will occur across the country will be headquartered here as well, so that group will grow over time," he says.

He says the Northeast will also get new products from Turkey Hill.

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