Thousands more joined the work force in April, says state

Written by Ben Allen, General Assignment Reporter | Jun 8, 2015 3:50 AM

(Harrrisburg) -- In all but one area of the midstate, more people either started working or looking for work in April, according to the latest state estimates. But the trend for the unemployment rate across the region was not as consistent.

From the Harrisburg - Carlisle area to the small labor market of Juniata to the micropolitan area of Selinsgrove and areas in-between, the state estimates more people joined the labor force in April.

The highest growth came in the largest areas - 2,700 in Harrisburg - Carlisle, and 3,100 in Lancaster.

Experts consider a growing labor force a sign of a healthy economy, because people might drop out of the labor force if they can't find work.

The only area that didn't see a jump? Chambersburg - Waynesboro.

But the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate did slightly fall there, along with four other regions.

It rose slightly in six regions, including Pottsville, Selinsgrove, and Gettysburg.

The monthly statistics come from the state Department of Labor and Industry, and are no more than estimates.

Lancaster has the lowest unemployment rate in the midstate at four-point-three percent, while Pottsville ranks the highest, at six-point-five percent.

Metropolitan areas

Chambersburg - Waynesboro - rate down .1 to 4.8, labor force shrunk by 100
Gettysburg - rate up .1 to 4.4, labor force up 300
Harrisburg-Carlisle - rate up .1 to 4.5, labor force grew by 2,700
Lancaster - rate up .1 to 4.3, labor force grew by 3,100
Lebanon - rate down .1 to 4.6, labor force grew by 200
Reading - rate even at 5.1, labor force grew by 400
York-Hanover - rate down .1 to 4.9, labor force up by 1,200

Micropolitan areas

Lewisburg - rate up .2 to 4.4, labor force up 100
Pottsville - rate up .1 to 6.5, labor force up 300
Selinsgrove - rate down .1 to 4.7, labor force up 100
Sunbury - rate up .1 to 6.2, labor force up 200

Labor market areas

Juniata - rate down .2 to 5.1, labor force up 100

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