State police nominee Marcus Brown awaits confirmation hearing date

Written by Tim Lambert and Radio Pennsylvania | May 2, 2015 7:40 AM

Photo by Mary Wilson/WITF

(Harrisburg) -- A number of confirmation hearings for Governor Tom Wolf's cabinet nominees have been scheduled in the state Senate.

But, no date has been set for one of the governor's most controversial nominees -- acting State Police Commissioner Colonel Marcus Brown.

The governor says his pick has his full support. 

"I'm standing behind him. I chose him because he has impeccable credentials," Wolf tells the Radio PA's Ask the Governor. "He was a beat cop in Baltimore, worked his way up through the ranks and then later was appointed by Governor (Martin) O'Malley of Maryland to head the Maryland State Police."

Brown has been criticized by active and retired troopers over his decision to wear a State Police uniform despite not attending the State Police Academy in Hershey.

Wolf says the issue has little to do with Brown's ability to lead.

"I think you can look at it either way. If he didn't wear the uniform, I bet there'll be people who complain about that," he says. "Obviously, he has worn the uniform and there are people who complain about that."

Brown still faces possible misdemeanor charges for allegedly removing signs critical of him in his Cumberland County neighborhood.

Republicans who control the Senate have signaled Brown might not pass a confirmation vote.

"He deserves a fair hearing and I think he deserves to be the commissioner of the state police," Wolf says.

Four nominees -- for Education, Human Services and Transportation as as well as an appointee to the Turnpike Commission -- have been approved by Senate committees and now go to the full chamber for confirmation votes.

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