Warden says Lebanon County prison followed all protocols

Written by John Latimer, Lebanon Daily News | Apr 23, 2015 1:00 PM
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Victoria "Tori" Herr of Lebanon. The 18-year-old was hospitalized after collapsing at Lebanon County Correctional Facility four days after she was arrested for selling heroin. Pennsylvania State Police are investigating her death. (Submitted to LD News)

Pennsylvania State Police are investigating the death of an 18-year-old woman who was hospitalized after collapsing at Lebanon County Correctional Facility four days after she was arrested for selling heroin.

Trooper David Boehm, public information officer for Troop L, which includes the Lickdale station, confirmed on Wednesday that an investigation is under way into the death of 18-year-old Victoria "Tori" Herr.

"An autopsy has been done, and the investigator is still awaiting toxicology reports, and he has more interviews to conduct at the prison," Boehm said.

Herr was placed in Lebanon County prison on March 27 after she was charged with possession of heroin with intent to deliver. Lebanon police said they found 69 packets of heroin in the home she shared in the 100 block of North 12th Street with her boyfriend, 21-year-old Jesse Roldan.

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Police investigating 18-year-old's death

Lebanon police found the heroin with the assistance of a drug-sniffing police dog when they were assisting another law enforcement agency issuing a bench warrant against Roldan for a previous heroin charge. Roldan was also arrested on drug paraphernalia charges on March 27 and was placed in Lebanon County prison along with Herr. Bail was set at $50,000 each.

No official version of what happened at the prison has been released, but sources that include Herr's mother, Stephanie Moyer, and stepfather, Dean Moyer, say the 18-year-old was detoxing from a heroin addiction when she fell unconscious in the prison on the night of March 31. She received treatment from medical personnel at the prison before being taken to Good Samaritan Hospital, and she was then air-lifted hours later to Lehigh Valley Hospital, where she lingered in a coma before dying on April 5.

The only official report so far was submitted by Warden Robert Karnes at last week's meeting of the Lebanon County Prison Board. In it he states that on March 31 he "(R)esponded to the facility on this date at approximately 10:15 p.m. due to a medical emergency involving an inmate. Upon initial questioning of staff, all operational protocols appeared to be followed. The PA State Police were notified of this incident and responded as per procedure."

Because of the investigation and HIPPA regulations, Karnes said he could not comment further on the case. But he did answer general questions about the protocol for prisoners with medical conditions, including addiction.

Karnes explained that the protocol for any new inmate is to be put through a period of quarantine. It is not a medical quarantine such as would be used with a highly contagious individual being isolated, but a three- to seven-day process in which new inmates are housed in a block together, away from the general population, while they undergo physical, mental and medical evaluations to determine if they have contagious diseases like tuberculosis or other "hypersensitive medical conditions" that would require medical attention. A drug addiction would fall into that category, Karnes said.

If they are judged to have a serious medical condition, they are placed under observation, which includes checks every 30 minutes by the correctional officers and two to three medical checks daily by medical staff.

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  • nikyrlo img 2015-05-15 18:03

    The fact is, a very young woman died when she should not have. They knew she was an addict.
    They are guilty of her death. They were responsible for her care.
    This was a preventable death. For them to say they did all they could? Then their policies and procedures lacked the necessary available care. They had no business accepting someone in her condition, or need to pay for a real medical exam, from a real medical facility. Sounds as though the employees were either incompetent and/or complacent in their duties.

  • nikyrlo img 2015-05-15 18:16

    The fact is, a very young woman died when she should not have. They knew she was an addict.
    They are guilty of her death. They were responsible for her care.
    This was a preventable death. For them to say they did all they could? Then their policies and procedures lacked the necessary available care. They had no business accepting someone in her condition, or need to pay for a real medical exam, from a real medical facility. Sounds as though the employees were either incompetent and/or complacent in their duties.

  • beara img 2015-05-16 00:00

    If these wardens were following protocol then they obviously need to change how they treat prisoners! When an inmate dies in your care, you are certainly doing something wrong.

  • Linette0829 img 2015-05-25 15:02

    Lebanon county prison is corrupt, the warden does what every he wants to. I no for sure they is a person in the hole that has been for months for no reason and should of been out back in March but they would let them out. I no there was a person held for hours after they were released by the courts because the warden took the file. And there is a lot more

  • Linette0829 img 2015-05-25 15:04

    They do not get people medical attention, there is a person waiting for a biopsy they have been told they have cancer but has not been taken to the doctors yet for that it has been a month or more. Someone needs to get the warden out

  • ladyangel img 2015-08-01 16:24

    Methadone clinics are set up for people with heroin addictions not prison.
    You get no treatment in jail what you get is what they call "detox" which is nothing more than being drugged up by an unaffective source and cut off. Those people go through hell and are denied access to even basic care. Inmates should have the opportunity to call 911 in an emergency cituation but then the truth would come out.....
    Her death was due to withdrawl in my opinion and could have been prevented. She would have been safer at home.....
    Mighty suspicious the chief medical examiner is also the coroner.....
    If you google search primecare medical complaints pa cases upon cases and cases within cases pop up.
    One boy who was also on heroin was 24 refused his inhailer even though it was documented through medical he had low lung capacity and was thrown in his cell where he died 2 hours later begging his family to bail him out before that.......and many more heart breaking cases this has been happening for years Victoria Herr isn't the first or only victim we can only hope she is the last
    To all those out there prisons are inhumane and don't fall for the lie your loved ones are ok in there they are any thing but

  • ladyangel img 2015-08-01 16:46

    Think about it it takes months to wean little drug addicted babies off this drug and adults it could take up to years depending on their dependency issue. So what right does a prison or some unqualified alleged medical entity to think they have the right to just cut someone like that off treatment?
    Since they get people off heroin so quickly why have methadone clinics to begin with just send the babies to the jail where they can cut them off in days or at most 2 weeks.
    So something is wrong either the methadone clinics operating today or the prison's way of dealing with those addicted to heroin you be the judge

  • ladyangel img 2015-08-01 17:22

    Is it fair to say it's cheaper for the medical entity to pay off death claims that doesn't come out of their pockets but the insurance companies than it is cheaper to treat a heroin addiction which would come out of their pockets???
    What do you think???

  • ladyangel img 2015-08-01 17:27

    Google search Primecare medical complaints and deaths
    Last year in 2014 their detox drugs were killing people but the mainstream media won't tell you about that just look it up for your self I was shocked when I read it you'd be better off taking nothing or being sent to the medical methadone clinic

  • ladyangel img 2015-08-01 17:50

    The reason there are no complaints against them regarding the BBB is because they are not even registered or members of the Better Business Burea that's why there are no complaints they have no jurisdiction over them but read the PDF files and court cases they are more then disturbing and continuing to happen to our own Poor Miss Victoria Herr was the latest victim let us pray she is the last......

  • ladyangel img 2015-08-01 23:07

    People suffer in prison. They get no help medically. When your sick you can't just see a Dr.
    That's probably why they let the others go and probably with hush hush orders at that....
    People in jail should get lemonade and other juices but you don't you get kook laid 2x a day if your lucky.
    It's already hell in jail but when your detoxing it's a worse kind of hell you cant imagine......
    You know you could die any day as a result of their neglegnence and there is nothing you can do.
    I believe her there probably were others who died there too.....

  • ladyangel img 2015-08-01 23:15

    notice how they said they observered her with medical staff funny they didn't mention her seeing a Dr. right away oh that's right according to the policy they followed they left her care in the hands of guards and alleged medical staff. Any one knows in prison if you are lucky enough to see a Dr. Your usually half dead or in some cases already dead. With the chief medical director who is also coroner I'd get a second opinion if I was her family. I hope they can even for a second understand what that poor girl went through and the jail is trying to cover up by claiming they followed proceedure if that is there procedure they need to be shut down....
    A heroin addict should be cared for by a rehab not a jail......But then the jail would lose the pathetic money of the loss of an inmate going to proper treatment facility

  • ladyangel img 2015-08-01 23:28
    Please paste this link to your browser and see the other cases in pa as a result of primecare medical so if any ones future loved ones end up in prison you no how they will be neglected medically.....
    This business is a fraud when it's paid to provide access to care and treatment and does neither.
    If a lawyer started a lawsuit they would have an overwhelming amount of witnesses and support.
    Time for change people unless you want your loved ones to end up as nothing more than another prison death. This is unacceptable and for wardens to allow this how about some local Dads get together and take over that position that for too long has been abused?

  • ladyangel img 2015-08-01 23:40

    Please click the above link if that doesn't disturb and motivate people to shut this fruadulant medical outfit down in charge of those in prison then don't complain when it's your loved ones........
    Also share this link and this story with any one and everyone.
    Tori did not deserve this nor did her family who had faith in a broken system and no one else deserves to die too read the link it's case after case of primecare medical neglect and the outcomes.
    How much longer will people stand for this kind of crap? That entity goes on unaffected free to neglect more unless you the people demand change....
    God Bless those willing to care enough to try to push for some kind of change for their fellow man, woman and loved ones trapped behind inhumane bars

  • ladyangel img 2015-08-02 07:52

    If a person refuses to give their kids shots like immunizations and the kid gets sick and dies from it they have their children taken and the caretaker of that kid gets charged for neglect who knows what else and off to jail.
    The jail can neglect people which is abuse when it comes to medical neglect and go on unaffected
    How Come?

  • ladyangel img 2015-08-03 09:27

    The family should get an attorney before the statute of limitation runs out and challenge the "accidental" ruling of her death......
    Otherwise it will be left as "accidental"this girl deserves more than that.....
    Even if her family would have put money on her books she would have had to wait a week or 2 before even getting her goods.......
    Local prisons need to be shut down they are nothing more than modern day concentration camps I speak from experience....
    Inmates should have the right to call emergency services to ensure they are not being neglected but then how would that make the prison or medical entity look? Plus than they couldn't cover up the truth and claim accidental deaths when the truth weather they admit it or not I believe she was neglected to death......
    The horrific moments she had to endure till her end is almost unspeakable........
    To label the evident death accidental is so insulting...
    Her parents should leave contact information so they get the details first hand and also so the lawyers who work with the other side can't also hide that information..........
    If the parents are interested in hearing about prison policy and how people are treated upon intake in prison please post and upon further request I could fill you in......

  • ladyangel img 2015-08-03 11:03

    There is an organization called Have a heart for persons in the criminal justice system.
    A lady named Jean Bickmire is involved I have been in touch with her and that organization allegedly works with the prison to address issues I'd say fix but after years of existence the problems remain the same.
    I suggested that inmates should have the right to call 911 when they are suffering a medical emergency or even to allow the guards to call for them and she said "she doubts that would ever happen". I have emails where this was communicated to her and I have her response...............
    With cases like Victoria Herr why on earth would a prison deny any person the right to emergency services?
    Could it be because they have something to hide?
    If there is nothing to hide this is not an unreasonable request/idea unless there is much to hide in that case they wouldn't want people to have access to care they refuse to give..........
    Start a petition to allow inmates to have access to 911 emergency services or poor "Tori" in my opinion died in vain..............................

  • ladyangel img 2015-08-06 09:50

    So according to this article their policy as far as I understood it to read is to let someone who the police believe according to the media statements suffer to death.... How is that accidental?
    Here are some links as to the healthcare out fit that is paid to provide services that according to the ongoing court cases and those passed people have not gotten....
    One County Commissioner tried to do the right thing only to be shut down by a Judge who labeled him a "security threat" among other statements... Just please read for yourself the articles in the link.....

    THis is a reality and for fellow Commissioners and a Judge to try to cover up the problem instead of fix it makes me wonder why? What have they got to lose or hide? Must be something right?
    Read the articles and you be the Judge and share your thoughts please!!!!!!
    Otherwise don't cry when your loved one is the next medically neglected victim in prison......

  • ladyangel img 2015-08-07 08:08

    People should be concerned you or your loved one could be the next jail bird!

    What if she was your daughter???

    How can people pretend to care and go on unaffected???Doing nothing?

    Here is something you can do click the link and sign the petition if you care.......

    It doesn't cost anything...... I never had the opportunity to meet Victoria but her case haunts me....To think of what that poor child went through till her end.
    I think families need to challenge any prison death with outside agencies to see if what was initially reported was true.
    If something bad happened in a prison would they really tell the truth?
    Well just like with Victoria's case they first and in initial media reports stated the police believed she was "faking her illness" then the police who conducted the alleged investigation come up with "accidental".
    How do you accidently neglect someone who is dying? Perhaps they meant accidently on purpose???

    Just like Victoria this poor lady came to jail on a Friday and was dead by Monday morning..........

  • ladyangel img 2015-08-07 12:00

    Here's another one for you readers to ponder...............
    Don't know if Lebanon county Jail has air conditioning but I know Lancaster County doesnt'
    If it is wrong to leave a kid in a hot car it should be equally wrong for a prison to trap people in cells that are just as hot as cars.......
    And in case anyone wants to be a smart allek and say "well they have access to water in prison" with that logic and frame of mind I could argue according to that theory and way of thinking then it's ok to let your kid in a hot car so long as you give them some bottles of water right? Wrong!
    Having access to water doesn't change the temperatures...
    People should demand that tamper proof thermometers are installed and because they are now digital anyone could view the current cell temp from their phone or computer.... Wonder how the Warden would feel about that if he claims the temps are humane then it shouldn't be a problem eh???
    I wonder how hot is was for poor Victoria does any one know if Lebanon prison has A.C.?

  • ladyangel img 2015-08-08 09:07

    Another announcement
    Currently our big shots and wigs are trying to pass legislation to silence prisoners and keep them from talking of the horrors they witnessed and in some cases endured.........
    If this were to happen no one would know what happens to those behind bars suffering in the inhumane conditions.....
    You would think the legislatures would be concerned and against it and ask the valid question Why?
    Why would you want to silence and hide a problem instead of fixing it?
    Could it be because they have things to hide that if the full public were to find out they would no longer be opperating in such an inhumane manor.................
    If people do nothing this will pass so stand together and demand that prisoners are already punished by being sentenced to their time why should they be further punished by infringing on there right to freedom of speech? In my opinion it's so those who are responsible for such inhumane things could hide under the blanket of immunity by silencing those who would tell the truth they are currently trying so hard to supress

  • ladyangel img 2015-08-14 09:21

    So it's not protocol for the guards per media reports to call 911 for an inmate in an emergency situation but it's policy for the guards to stand there and watch someone die???
    Isn't that the policy that was followed?

    Guards should be required to call emergency services when needed why would any policy prohibit that?

    It should be illegal............

    Let's make sure there are no more preventable deaths people this poor girl was one of many and I'm hoping she is the last.... The straw that breaks the camels back and brings these issues to light so they can be addressed and fixed before another one happens and also so her death wasn't in vain.,..... It may save others lives if they are given access to emergency services..............Again why would any prison or policy prohibit that?????

  • ladyangel img 2015-08-23 15:21

    I read a quote from Victoria's facebook or article i'm not sure which where "Tori" was concerned for how innocent people suffer in prison..... It's true
    Let's make her wish still come true by requiring guards to contact emergency services so they can no longer hide behind a "medical entity" when there is a death that if given that emergency care could have been prevented.....
    No matter which private entity local prisons contract with they, the guards by the prison statements own admission and according to their alleged policy not allowed to call for help.
    The fact that she had to be taken by ambulance to hospital should be indicative enough that the local "medical entities" contracted with the local prisons are not equipped or trained to deal with such emergencies.
    I hope that through her death it saves others lives the prison has nothing to LOSE by allowing inmates and guards alike the chance to call emergency services EXCEPT MORE PRECIOUS LIVES....... Do you want that/this happening to your son or daughter????
    TO ME it seems that there is no more sharing of this is sickening it's like all hush hush now why?
    This poor girl deserves more than that and also her parents should contact the Department of Justice special litigations section civil rights division and you don't need an attorney to hold your hand through that unless you want one too.....If no one makes them aware they could perhaps claim ignorance but not after they are made aware....
    When I hear someone say a prisoner is not credible to me that is a lame excuse to ignore the truth and that is ok because weather you believe inmates or not you can then no longer hide behind ignorance in future cases............maybe then they would be credible enough? How many deaths will that take?
    Push for a law in Tori's honor unless you want to leave it up to the next alleged jail house victim.....
    If only people knew the suffering that goes on in local prisons they would all be shut down.
    It's also sad when people beg their families to bail them out of such inhumane conditions and they turn their backs on their loved ones..... That's kicking someone when they are down.....You should be there for your loved ones when they need you the most but most have the thought people are ok in prison this case is a perfect example they are treated so inhumanely......Animals have more activists and laws to humane conditions then inmates......

  • ladyangel img 2015-08-23 16:13

    here's another one for you readers if you care judges can pass out drinks to jurors but deny the same to inmates
    here is the link how pathetic a dying person cant get gatorade or soda in a swealtering jail cell and it was hot at the end of March in prisons with no A.C. people freaked out over the hot temps some even got dehydrated. But here is the link
    RE: "Around 2 p.m., Kelley called for a short break. No reason was given for the early afternoon recess. But after the jurors returned to the courtroom, there was another short break in testimony while Kelley's tipstaff passed out bottles of Mountain Dew to the jurors.
    People in prison should have access to lemonade, gatorade, and soda pop but they don't did the public know that? If not they do now... At least the local county prisons don't offer such the Federal prisons though the inmates have access to "vending machines" in local prisons they make you buy items from commisary at un reasonable prices in my opinion that's prison for profit....If someone sold the same items on the street for the same price it would be a crime but prisons can do it to massive amounts of people and that's ok?

  • ladyangel img 2015-08-26 11:22

    I heard through a reliable source that this "medical director/coroner" is the only one on the ballet for the upcoming election for this position.. After what happened in this case why doesn't someone else get on the voting list?
    Do you want change or things to remain the same....?. As far as I know anyone can run for elected positions so why doesn't someone else step up?
    I can't yet verify this information about him being the only choice but the information was given to me by a source I consider reliable. Does anyone know how to check for who is running for what and how to find that information? So I wanted to share that and get the information out there.... Be aware of who you vote for if you vote... Of course if there is no one else to choose from what good is a vote and that is just my opinion..?

  • ladyangel img 2015-08-28 12:34

    Just read in another article
    there is the link to it that she had to be in a diaper in her cell.......
    How is it they will deal out diapers but not gatorade, soda, or lemonade for those in that circumstance?
    This is so wrong and I wish everyone to know about it spread the word plz ppl.....
    What a horrific case it bothers me so bad........Step up and speak up if I wasn't just a pea body I would be pursuing every legal remedy available to ensure this type of thing never again happens

  • ladyangel img 2015-09-09 10:35

    I'd like to make a suggestion to all those who have loved ones in prison get them to sign a power of attorney or medical power of attorney to someone on the outside that way if something like this happens to your loved one at least you can then access their medical records protected by HIPPA.
    It's a shame that people would have to resort to such things but you know the old saying better safe than sorry.....

  • ladyangel img 2015-09-09 11:01

    you can get the medical power of attorney form for Pennsylvania for free online then it cost about 5 dollars to get it notorized then it's official... Small price to pay for your loved ones. If anyone can't find the forms online and would like me to post a link to access them please say so and upon request I will post/paste the link....
    I found them by google searching Pennsylvania Medical power of attorney form free. So they are available for free if your willing to search for them.
    There is also a notary in the prison.

  • ladyangel img 2015-11-20 15:04

    Wow there policy per their own admission leads to death.... The people who die these horrific and preventable deaths were imprisoned for less then causing a death do to evident abuse/neglect and according to this article confirmed and acknowledged by a Federal Judge here is that link:

    When a Federal Judge states the inmate death rate according to him was about 1 per week do to medical neglect that is an evident problem yet what are they doing to fix it? Please read the article for yourself.....
    So if Tori is locked up over dope those who did not prevent her death per their own admission they were more worried about following an inhumane policy then protecting the life of a human they are paid to house and care for and they get to claim by this article they did the right thing because they "followed" inhumane proceedure........
    What a rip and I'm so sick of it.... Those who enforce the law are not above it yet that is how even now they continue to act......... How many more have to die before change is demanded? I say enough already how about you????
    To all the big shots and wigs; What will you do? Something or Nothing? which it's fair to say the latter is what most are used to and do anyway... Do you want change or things to remain the same? What if Tori was you daughter? I hope at least one of you have the guts to respond if not then everyone reading this will know who not to vote for if they infact want change.

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