Motorcyclists stuck at red lights could soon get a pass

Written by Tim Lambert and Radio Pennsylvania | Apr 13, 2015 3:25 AM

Photo by Wikimedia Commons/Arpingstone

(Harrisburg) -- A state lawmaker from Cumberland County has proposed allowing motorcyclists to avoid getting stuck at red lights. 

Republican Representative Stephen Bloom says sensor-activated traffic signals can't always detect a person on a motorcycle.

So, his measure would give riders the option to go through if the signal is not responding.

"Certainly with any situation, there's not going to be a perfect answer. There's a problem now. Riders are being stuck at the lights," he says. They ultimately have to proceed through the lights or make a series of right turns to get through an intersection and that's not safe or beneficial either."

Bloom says the bill is not meant to give motorcyclists a free pass, just a legal alternative to sitting at a red light longer than a vehicle would.

"It's a common sense solution to a problem that the government created by setting up sensors that can't detect lawfully operated motor vehicles in our commonwealth," he says.

Currently, if is a rider is the only one at an intersection, it's possible the light will stay red until another, larger vehicle comes along. 

Under state law, the driver of any vehicle who runs a light is subject to a fine.     


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