HSO renews Stuart Malina's contract for five more years

Written by Cary Burkett | Apr 7, 2015 3:15 AM

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(Harrisburg) -- Stuart Malina will lead the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra for at least another five years.

HSO has renewed the contract of its music director and conductor.

The job of a modern symphony orchestra conductor covers a lot more than the considerable musical skills required.

Today, a conductor must also be the public face of the orchestra, savvy in the ways of marketing and with an ability to engage and inspire the community.

HSO Executive Director Jeff Woodruff says Malina excels in each area.

"He's also, over the 15 years that he's been here, managed to create a really healthy community profile," he says. "He lives here, he's committed to this central PA region."

Malina is often cited for his ability to engage the audience.

For a concert featuring the music of Star Wars, he wore the costume of Jedi Knight and conducted the orchestra with a light saber.

"I think everybody admires Stuart's versatility," Woodruff says. "He can conduct the most serious classical music and turn around the next day and have some fun with the most light-hearted stuff."

Malina, who won a Tony award in 2003 for his orchestration of the Broadway musical Movin' Out, is also an accomplished pianist and performs with the orchestra and in other music venues in the community.

The new contract will expire during Malina's 20th season with the HSO.

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