Former Governor Tom Corbett gets $40,000 pension

Written by The Associated Press | Mar 31, 2015 10:22 AM

Photo by AP Photo/Bradley C Bower

(Pittsburgh) -- For his 11 years of state government service, former Republican Governor Tom Corbett is collecting a pension of nearly $40,000.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports Corbett's $38,765 state pension is based on a final average salary of $186,204.

The amount reflects annual cost-of-living raises Corbett declined as salary. 

Corbett served over a year as an appointed attorney general, six years as an elected attorney general and four years as governor before his defeat by Democrat Tom Wolf. 

Records show the former governor also withdrew a $118,000 lump-sum payment based on his contributions, with four percent interested earned. 

Corbett had pushed to overhaul the state's pension system.

His former press secretary says had Corbett been successful, he would have been willing to convert his guaranteed pension to a 401(k)-type plan. 

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