Farmers: Crops looking good despite late snow

Written by Lauren Kershner, Hanover Evening Sun | Mar 23, 2015 3:00 PM
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Hanover-Adams residents may have strong opinions against Friday's winter weather and the low-30s temps that came with it, but area crops prefer it.

Actually, they thrive in it, Stan Brown said.

As long as the temperatures stay consistent, said Brown, of Brown's Orchard and Market in Loganville, he believes the crops will be good to go.

"I think many farmers would say that their crops look good right now," he said. "I know friends of mine up in the northwestern side of the state have some concerns for crops, but overall, our winter has been consistent."

A lot of the crops, like apple and peach trees, do better when there are consistent temperatures during the winter months and in early spring, Brown said.

"When they go to sleep in the fall, we like to see constant cold," he said. "With the ground staying cold, the roots stay cold, which is good for our crops."

Strawberries are quick to grow, Brown said, but they might be late in blooming. Still, there is nothing wrong with that, he said.

"It would not hurt us to have the spring and warmer weather hold off a bit," said Brown.

Other farmers have put off planting new strawberry bushes and other plants because of the predicted colder temperatures.

The Farmer's Almanac predicted at the beginning of winter that the northeast could experience snow as late as mid-March, with temperatures being warmer in April and May.

The indications of a late spring caused Hilltop Acres Farm Market owner Wilmer Nolt to delay planting a fresh strawberry crop.

They could be planted any time now, but Nolt said he plans to wait until April.

Farmers at the East Berlin business have yet to plant ground crops like corn because it is still early in the season. If the weather was warmer, they could be planting it now in order to secure an early crop, he said.

"We do not anticipate any damage to the plants we already have," he said.

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