Gun-rights group suing Harrisburg over gun laws

Written by Ben Allen, General Assignment Reporter | Jan 13, 2015 2:47 PM

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Todd Hoover, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, says gun owners have to defend their rights.

(Harrisburg) -- The state chapter of a Texas-based gun-rights group is filing a lawsuit against the city of Harrisburg, saying its strict regulations break a new state law.

The legal action comes after the legislature passed, and Governor Corbett signed, a bill allowing groups to challenge gun laws enacted by municipalities.

In the lawsuit, US Law Shield points to Harrisburg's regulations restricting guns in parks, and firing weapons within city limits.

Attorney Justin McShane says although other municipalities have similar laws, Harrisburg is a symbol.

"Four blocks away, 6120 was passed and it was passed by our Legislature and signed by our Governor. And its time for the capital city to learn that it has to follow the rules and the laws that are enacted by our capital."

Adds McShane: "If you start letting municipalities make their own call as far as what laws and how they make the laws when it comes to ammunition and guns, then it leads us to a totally inappropriate way of handling our affairs, where you could be an accidental criminal."

A city spokesperson says it's working on a response to the lawsuit.

Reading is among other municipalities who have pulled back on strict gun laws since the state law went into effect.

Meanwhile, Lancaster, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are suing Governor Corbett and legislative leaders over the 2014 state law.

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