Lawsuit over gun rules focuses on procedure, not policy

Written by Ben Allen, General Assignment Reporter | Nov 10, 2014 2:59 PM

(Lancaster) -- Lancaster, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are suing Governor Corbett and several legislative leaders over a new law allowing lawsuits for municipal gun laws that are more strict than state regulations.

Today's court action focuses on procedure, not the actual content of the measure.

The original gun lawsuit legislation was attached to a bill that focuses on penalties for stealing scrap metal.

Groups like the National Rifle Association would be able to sue municipalities that have stricter gun laws than the state.

Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray says the state Constitution and past cases have clearly laid out the rules.

"They amended another bill that was totally unrelated. They didn't include a proper description of what they were doing in this bill. It was in the last throes of the General Assembly," he says.

While those bringing today's lawsuit don't like the law, they say they're more focused on the Legislature's process.

Gray maintains if the procedure was followed, the bill would not have made it through the Legislature.

"They mixed it up so much that they gave the governor the wrong bill to sign, and they had to come back into session and authorize him to sign the right bill. He signed the wrong bill," says Gray.

The Philadelphia law firm bringing the lawsuit is not charging a fee for the case.

Governor Corbett's office, one of the defendants in the lawsuit, says it will review the lawsuit once it's received.

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